Coaching for SpousesWhen the pain of your spouse’s infidelity, online or offline,  lack of communication or emotional attachment becomes too great to bear.  When you are conflicted about whether to leave or stay, consider speaking to a coach who has been there, then helping spouses for the past 10 years repair their relationships and put intimacy and honesty back into your relationship.

Esther has over 10 years of experience helping spouses understand porn and sexual addiction and guides you step by step on how to communicate, what to say, what not to say, planning expectations, setting boundaries and being supportive of your spouse, while holding him/her responsible for their own recovery.

Sessions are available in person if you are in the Memphis, TN area or by secure HIPPA approved web conferencing anywhere else in the world.

For a free initial consultation to determine if this is a perfect fit for you, call 901-248-6001, ext. 2.

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